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As everyone knows, esthetic upkeep on any vehicle is usually easier said than done. Routine maintenance is one thing, but sustaining a pristine appearance requires a certain level of devotion to car care, while only utilizing the best products available. WrapStyle by Hyper 21 experimented with a wide range of sealant options & coating systems but were never truly satisfied with the results or durability; then we found 3M Ceramic Coating.

The science of shine

Advanced technology. Powerful performance. Premium finish. One formula for use on paint, glass, paint protection film (PPF), vinyl film, and plastic trim.


  • Long-Lasting Coating Creates a hydrophobic finish for excellent water beading.
  • High-Gloss Shine Seals in and helps maintain the “wet look” of a new polish.
  • Durability Chemical resistance stands up to salt, acid rain, tree sap and more.
  • Easier Care & Maintenance Extremely slick surface allows for easier removal of dirt and debris.

Our Package


Offering premium services in car wrapping, commercial vinyl installations, automobile window tinting, boat & yacht wrapping, paint protection film and ceramic paint protection.

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