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The science of shine

Advanced technology. Powerful performance. Premium finish. One formula for use on paint, glass, paint protection film (PPF), vinyl film, and plastic trim.

High-gloss finish
High-impact results

This is where groundbreaking science and real-world performance combine. 3M™ Ceramic Coating treatment helps enrich paint gloss and shine, for a durable new-polish look that will last.

Key Attributes

  • Long-Lasting Coating
    Creates a hydrophobic finish for excellent water beading.
  • High-Gloss Shine
    Seals in and helps maintain the “wet look” of a new polish.
  • Durability
    Chemical resistance stands up to salt, acid rain, tree sap and more.
  • Easier Care & Maintenance
    Extremely slick surface allows for easier removal of dirt and debris.

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